Shopping FAQs.

Can my order be shipped out Internationally?

Yes! Any items can be shipped outside of the Unites States. International shipping rates will apply.


How much is shipping?

Mainland US orders have a flat rate of $10 and non-mainland US / international orders have a flat rate of $15.


What form of payments are accepted?

Most major credit / debit cards are accepted. This would include Master Card, Visa, American Express, Discover.


Does my payment convert to American Dollars ($)?

Yes, the system will automatically convert the currency during check-out.


My credit card statement says "Moov Labs". Who is this?

All payments are processed through Moov Labs, Cody Draiken's company and will be shown as "Moov Labs".


Can I return items?

Sorry, a sales are final. However, if your item came damaged please contact us and we'll replace it for free!


I heard something about donations?

Yes! All sales / profits act strictly as donations and will be used to fund future projects.


Why is it not accepting my payment?

Sometimes our system won't convert currency from certain locations. Contact us and we will get your order ready.